Love and Technology: Part 2

The story continues. But it’s time to get in the line and be a bit specific about a lot of things now. Let’s get down to the facts on how much has technology gotten into the veins of your relationship. WHEN PEOPLE SAY “LOVE IS IN THE AIR”, Sheldon Cooper denies! And I agree to it partly, microwaves are the reasons for a lot of mess in the room apart for the clothes lying in the corner and the table filled with junk. Have you ever wondered why people become so obsessed with cell phones when they fall in love? Cause love in there somewhere behind it. Look at where love has gotten in today’s world. Even when you see her you still look her through the cell phone. I mean what’s wrong with you. Is she so good in her virtual space that in reality you fail to identify her? If you say those selfie filters did the trick, you are wrong. If you say, her texts are more promising than her voice, you are wrong. This is not The Matrix. (*we don’t know yet*) You just fail to realize the importance of reality because you have sunk so deep into virtuality. It’s true when people say, “I miss the old days, When pen and paper, Coffee and chit-chat, Were on a date.” Love letter are gone. Wait, post offices are gone. *love letter may exist, because I remember giving my Ex-girlfriend one* Speaking of relationship, ex-girlfriends are more like the ghosts that haunt your dreams or the memories that make you smile wide and drag you into nostalgia, not all the time, though. So don’t get your hopes high. After Ex comes why? Why did she dump me? Why does she hate me now? Why can’t I just die? Why did this happen? Why me? Why her? Why and why? It’s just a why! I’m buzzing off It shall be continued *mind* It’s an XYZ in the end.

Posted on: 26/10/16

Aravind Bharat

- Content Writer