What in Gods Green Earth is SEO?

Long ago in the beginning, when the first writer was born, legend has it that nothing happened no skies roared no goats bleated and no one cared. 

Fast forward to now, the new batch of these pesky little creatures called writers have now evolved into freelancers to cope up with the new age writing panorama, like some really irritatingly stubborn Pokémon that just won’t accept extinction!  

And now, one of the many solid questions that they all face among already lingering ones is what in the name of God’s most ultimate ignorance SEO is?

Some write to remember, some write to forget and that is what SEO is all about.

I am here to tell you what SEO is!

Optimizing your content so that it is easily visible to everyone fast is called Search Engine Optimization!

In schools there is a system, a system of passing through – there is a hustler, there is a joker, there are rats, there are jocks, tough guys, class rules, domain guards and bloody kindergarteners. It’s the same here on the internet with social media, forum sites, blogs, search engines, chat rooms, comments sections of any website, and god knows what they will discover in the next two seconds!

All in all, every different seeming thing is inter connected and there is a way to be known on each platform, and that is the so-called SEO. Okay? Kinda like that new kid on the block who made waves of attention with his instant rule breaking!

SEO will help you to be that rule breaker child in this hellish schoolyard called the internet to get you and your stuff noticed but…there are some rules to do that!


Because everyone is trying to be “that Kid” in this school yard, some are trying to dig a huge hole to China, some are dropping the spoiler bombs of latest movies or Game of Thrones’ episodes to get noticed, some are swinging the crap out of that dangerously old swing and some are just kissing hairy old toe nails of the school invigilator by accepting the oaths of The Mole!

 So you gotta do something that no one else has or can…you gotta be the new kid, all the time!

Technically speaking, most of the traffic on the web is guided by major commercial search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, etc. and also to some extent, by social media platforms. But mainly from the search engines – they provide you the way to a targeted traffic; search engine is like that fat drunk lazy traffic cop that guides you to the hospital where everyone seems to be going if you ask him about “ethanol drips”.

You need SEO to make search engines to guide the traffic to you, to find you!

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Posted on: 15/11/16

Krishnan Nair

- Lead Digital Strategist