Know your competition before they know you!

The industry of competitive intelligence is new, but you’ve been doing for years. For example Keyword research is simply seeking out keywords that generate a lot of search volume and typically have a low barrier to entry (low authority sites ranking for organic or low CPC for paid), isn’t that the same thing as just looking at what keywords send your competitors visits?

Think of primary purpose of your online marketing campaigns, all you’re trying to do is to stand out of the crowd and have your voice heard in a sea of noise. But the catch here is, so is everyone else and they do it in a different way wouldn’t it be great if you knew who was doing what to have his voice heard!

See the bottom line is that you can’t simply not care about your competitors, it’s the lifeblood of your business, and it’s a massive blind spot in most digital strategies.

We at vSocialize labs aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel; we’re simply trying to shift perspective. If you look at a wheel head on it’s just a rectangle – you need a wider field of vision to appreciate what it actually is.

All those fluffy sales mumbo jumbo aside, learn how to use our own competitor analysis tool to kick all your competition to the curb.

Posted on: 23/11/16

Krishnan Nair

- Lead Digital Strategist