Workflow Segmentation Ideas

An idea is worth something only when it's put to use! One of the beautiful things about workflows is that you can use them to target your nurturing emails and strategies much more precisely. If you’re collecting all this data about your leads from your landing page forms and tracking their activity on your site, why not put this information to good use?

The real trick here is to figure out the behaviors of the likelihood of a lead to download a certain offer or take a specific action, and match your call-to action to your email recipients. In simple words this process is all about segmenting your customer behavior and channeling your business ideas towards it.


Segment by Topic

The first step is to group your customers based on the offers you’re sending to your leads by topic, seeing which topics interest each of your leads is valuable information. For example, if you run a company that sells home and garden appliances, you may find that your leads who are reading your E-books about gardening would like to learn more about that topic, and aren’t interested in receiving information about interior design. 

If you’re sending your leads content that actually interests them, and educating them on topics they’re looking to learn more about, you’ll have a better chance of improving your conversion rates.


Segment by Lifecycle Stage

It’s crucial to know how far along in your buying cycle a given lead is in order to target that lead effectively. You want to make sure you’re sending your leads content that is appropriate for their lifecycle Stage. if a lead is still in research mode, it may be too early to send her an offer to try out your product, and you might want to stick to educational resources. However, if a lead has already received a demo of your product, you should focus on getting her to speak with a sales rep, rather than sending her additional early-stage information.


Segment by page Views

The pages of your website that a given lead has viewed and the source through which a lead found your site in the first place are both valuable pieces of information.

For instance, if you know that a lead has visited your pricing page, multiple times, that’s a great indication that he/she is pretty far along in your buying cycle and you should be sending her product-related content or sending an email for a free demo.


Segment by contact properties

You can also use various other contact properties to create workflows that are appropriate for certain categories of leads. For instance if you have a contact property that indicates whether or not a lead has spoken to a sales rep, you can segment based on that, or even create a different workflow for those who have spoken to a rep in the last three months, six months, year, or five years.

Once you determine which contact properties and behaviors have the greatest impact on conversion rates, test out segmentation based on that information, and see if more precise targeting will help the performance of your nurturing campaigns.

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Posted on: 29/07/17

Rahul Krishnan

- Content Writer