Hey Marketer, Automate These Tasks Today!

Welcome will arrive, at the hour that was not hoped for - Horace

Greek writer Horace said this right decades ago. Marketing automation has arrived and it is increasingly freeing up the means and time that are now spent in taking up ambitious and creative projects. If you are still on the fence using excel sheets, typing long emails that are simply hampering productivity, and thinking about whether or not you should automate this process, now is the time to welcome the arrival, or you will be dinosaurs in a few years.

Marketing automation is not some chemical formula dreamed up in a lab to make money from you. It is a process that saves a lot of time by automating repetitive manual tasks that would otherwise eat away your work hours. There are a variety of tools and software that help you automate different things. It is up-to you to decide which is the process you need to automate. Here we give you a few tips about the top 4 things that you should think about automating.

Greeting Messages:
They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Sending an automated yet personalized welcome message is a great way to immediately engage a visitor who had just converted to a customer. Let me give you an example: A bunch of customers had signed up for a free trial of your product and haven’t used the trial or engaged with your platform after signing up. There could be multiple reasons why they haven't started it, however by sending them a welcome or follow up message, can instantly shift their attention back to your platform.

Celebrate With Your Customers:
Celebrating special occasions with your customers is a sweet spot for marketers to impress them. For example by tracking your customer's birthdays, anniversaries or local festivals and offering them special discounts, a free trial of a new feature, or an invite to an event will see a stronger customer retention. The way that marketing automation can help this process is by scheduling a notification for later. On the date set beforehand, your message will be delivered to your customer. This also makes you stand out in the crowded market place.

Reminder Messages:
If you are hosting an event, rather than sending emails every single time to remind your customers about it, it would be wise to automate reminder messages instead of doing it manually. Be it an invite, pre-event or post event message, these reminder messages engage users. Marketing automation lets you plan these messages in advance how you’d want to go about it.

New Post Notifications:
Let's say you have a large follower base for your blog or social media. How do you get them to read your new posts, old posts, or even attract new subscribers? There are many ways to overcome these challenges, the most brilliant way is to automate new post updates to subscribers. There are a couple of ways to do this ideally.

RSS-to-Push : RSS-to-Push sends a Push Notification to your blog subscribers the moment it detects a new post. The blog title is taken from the heading of the notification and the first 48 characters of the body become the notification message. You can, of course, edit the details and schedule the notification for later. This method is effective as the push message appears on your users’ device screens as clickable messages, tempting them to click on it. This way, you’ll find more engaged readers.

Automate Emails: You can automate sending blog post updates via emails to your readers, similar to RSS-to-Push. But the results will vary here as emails are not as agile as Push Messages. They could lay unopened for a long duration or land in spam folders in subscribers’ inboxes. Whereas pushes appear instantly on device screens.

Marketing Automation facilitates many opportunities to better utilize your resources to other tasks while giving commendable results. It’s not always complicated to set up or use these technologies. You’ll be able to reap good results by automating small tasks with the right structure and strategy. 

P.S. If you stay too long in one place, you will become outdated.

Posted on: 17/08/17

Rahul Krishnan

- Content Writer