Love and Technology

The word we live in today many are technologically advanced and better than the times of renaissance, but over these ages love has been one of those "things" that can evolved with technology. Quite simple, you ask a 10 year kid why he is sad, he would say his girlfriend broke up with him. India is secular country as we call it. It has a diverse range of culture and traditions from the ages of old. Indian Mythology has a lot of economic examples of love. The love stories of the kings and queens and the common folk. Today, we have kids and teenagers with relationship issues and adults with marriage problems. The question is, has love corrupted us to the extent that we fail understand the true meaning it or have we become victims of immature love which has dominating in the young today? There are a lot of universal examples for true form of love, such as that of a mother and her child. What's more pure than that? Recent analysis has shown that a major percentage of the teenagers today are under depression and the main factor of cause is their love life. One out of five people are into a relationship. And of those three in seven take it seriously and one in three takes it towards marriage. The affairs of old and the relationships of the young are quite an issue today. Love stories travel faster than light at times and the reach the nook and corner of your society. The best example to this is the mighty Facebook, the modern thing that everyone uses to express their love. And how do they do it? Post pictures, status updates, changing relationship status and checking into place where go for a date and so. Did I forget the mention the change of display picture aka profile picture in all the social networking sites that you have. Technology has changed the way people love. They don’t fall in love; they connect themselves with love, like Nokia’s motto “Connecting People”. Yes, the cellphone revolution gripped the world like never before. Network service providers started using love as a marketing strategy, and built plans where you can talk and text to your loved ones for free. Such was the state of love in the early 2000’s. Now in 2016, we have advanced to a level that was unimaginable in 2000. We have emoticons and sticker to express love today. The days of love letter are over. WhatsApp has brought about the change that has almost made us forget what a text message is. The analog generation has adapted itself to the digital world and the best part it is they have Skype calls with their sons and daughters across the world. It’s exactly like Einstein predicted technology has is surpassing human interactions. We don’t talk face to face, and in the virtual world we lose our natural identity. Human thirst for love can never be quenched; no matter how much ever we try and fuse with technology, love is something that can never be truly understood. And as days go by, true love will never will visible. It would sound like a fiction story to others. The last seen status and blue tick in WhatsApp, which have been causing a lot of trouble in many relationships across the world. Technology has made us lose our control and become over possessive on our loved ones.

Posted on: 26/10/16

Aravind Bharat

- Content Writer