5 Marketing Automation techniques that your business needs to consider for a facelift

Species evolve in response to whatever environment they encounter; Similar to this, the evolution of Marketing in today's world have also been momentous. Since the time people started engaging in commercial trade, they have developed unique ideas and strategies to maximize the perceived value of their offerings. The dynamic intervention of internet into print media, radio, and television saw a massive shift in media consumption habits.

Over the course, a multitude of more sophisticated marketing automation platforms emerged with eye-catching UIs and more useful features. If you are a digital marketer or running a digital business here are the 5 different types of marketing automation tools your business needs to consider.

When you have a lot of customer's, most of the time it can get tiresome to manage their data. Timely customer service is important in today's business, which is why businesses are increasingly looking to CRM software to help provide a better customer experience. CRM lets you store data such as names, job titles, company names, and email address and more importantly their purchase history and details of your interactions among them.

The most popular CRM software's available in the market are Salesforce and Zoho. However, the size and nature of your business requirements will determine the right type of CRM tool which will best fit your needs.

Email Marketing 
Being one of the oldest forms of reaching out to your customers, email marketing still provides the best ROI in the business. However, one of the main issues with email marketing is scalability, which is where email marketing software comes in. These tools let you automate the messages that you intend to send to your contacts. Whether it’s trigger-based (initiated by the email receiver) or an email blast (triggered by the email sender), these automation tools facilitate the large-scale distribution of personalized messages along with performance measurement dashboards.

However, it is important that you should keep an eye on the quality of the content that you send in your emails.

Marketing Automation 
Marketing automation tool is your all in one package, If you want to drive traffic to your website, set up marketing campaigns, or inbound marketing strategies, marketing automation tool has got it all covered for you. In our previous blog series on workflows, we have discussed the benefits of this more in detail. 

FireMessage is one of the most popular tool that you can consider for your business. Please note that marketing automation software can be expensive, so before making your purchase, make sure you’ve determined the need for one before going out and making a purchase decision.

Social Media Marketing
Social media is one of the best channels for businesses to engage more organically with their audiences. However, lately, businesses have been seeing more success when keeping promotional messaging to a minimum and just using social media as a channel to promote engagement and display brand personality.

This “non-promotional” social media strategy makes it difficult to automate because the nature of being personable means not sounding like a robot, which is what automation can result in. However, social media marketing tools can be used when it comes to scheduling, network management, and measuring the performance of your social media efforts. Intelligent Ad's is one of the most powerful tool you can consider for Social Media Marketing.

Marketing Analytics
Measuring the efforts and performances of their marketing strategies is one of those things which marketers want to consciously ignore. However, it is very much important that one should always look back and the efforts that they have put in and what worked and what needs to be reworked. Marketing Analytics software allows you to get usable data such as visitor behavior and activity. Further, it can combine data from different channels for easier comparison of effective channels.

Google Analytics is probably the most used analytics tool. Other tools like ClickStory allows you to see what a visitor is actually doing on your website in the form of a video and brings you these numbers more convincingly.

Always remember, these tools may not work for every type of business. To understand what tool works best for you, study each tool and identify the strengths that would best align with your marketing goals.

Posted on: 23/08/17

Rahul Krishnan

- Content Writer