8 effective benefits of marketing automation for your business!

On our previous blog posts, we have mentioned a few marketing automation tools that will benefit your business. Here we are discussing the benefits of marketing automation in your business.

1) Accounting your leads

Nurturing your leads is a common process that falls under both marketing and sales department. The issue that lies here is, if the marketing team is capturing certain leads, most of the time those leads never qualify as a buyer. You cant blame your marketing team for the same, can you?

The crack for this solution lies in your marketing automation tool. By using the feedback option on the tool, you can resolve this issue. Both the marketing and sales team can input the details of the specific lead, mentioning if the lead was not an ideal match for the product. This can also track the quality of the leads that your marketing team can bring in into.

2) Optimizing your marketing process

Understanding and planning your customer journey is the basic step for any marketing strategy. By using marketing automation tools, it is easy to define your customer journey. Through this, you can nurture your customers based on their behavior towards your product.

3) Upsell and Cross-sell

Tracking the purchase activity of your customers can be difficult if you have a good business. This gives you an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell your products. Marketing automation lets you track your customer's purchase cycle and automate the cross-sell and upsell activity by sending them emails based on the type of product they purchase.

4) Running A/B testing

You might have options for a landing page or emails that you want to test as different campaigns. If you do this manually, then you can run only one to two A/B tests simultaneously. With marketing automation, once can roll both the options through different campaigns and track how well these campaigns are performing at regular intervals. This will let you decide which campaign works and which doesn't.

5)Target sales prospects through multiple channels

Targeting your customers through channels like SMS, Phone calls, emails and social media is very time-consuming. By using Marketing automation you can save time and eliminate the possibility of spamming.

6)Prioritize and qualify leads

One of the most beneficial elements of marketing automation is lead scoring. The most common mistake marketers and sales reps fall short are they are confused about the parameters to prioritize while segmenting the leads. Lead scoring system automatically tells which lead is hot and which lead is a drop.

7)Track Analytics

It is important to understand how your marketing efforts are paying off. Tracking your customer response manually can be a daunting task, by using marketing automation the task gets easy. You also get an inside view of the prospect’s web behavior and their presence on your website.

8)Manage daily task

The USP of marketing automation is that is easily and efficiently automates your daily tasks and helps to clear out the tedious repetitive work. Your sales/marketing team will thank you while they can focus on other important tasks.

These are the core benefits of marketing automation, however, it is up to you to figure out if your business needs a marketing automation tool.

Posted on: 23/09/17

Rahul Krishnan

- Content Writer